Quite possibly the most famously photographed tree in the world is the legendary Japanese maple tree at Portland Japanese Gardens in Oregon. This was my first visit in the fall of 2013 and I had little hope of capturing anything special that day as the light was dingy and overcast due to weak fog.

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After some patience, however, the fog lifted just around noon and that’s when the scene burst to life. My hands started shaking and I looked around to see who I could share the moment with but strangely it was just me and the tree for a brief few glorious minutes.

How big is this tree you may wonder? Do you think you’d be able to stand underneath it? The answer is yes if you’re a toddler.

Having seen photos of this tree a million times, I always assumed it was a fair old size but in reality, it’s a dainty little delight too small to stand under comfortably. This is ‘that tree’ at Portland Japanese Gardens. BTW, don’t actually try to stand under it, you’ll be ushered out of the Gardens if you do.

If you look carefully you can see the Koi Carp gliding through the pond in the background.



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